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EXTEMPORE - Velkoměsto - 2CD + Černá kniha

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english The Rock And Jokes EXTEMPORE Band. This band started to play in 1973. A lot of Czech rock scene‘s personalities played with them (Neduha, Chadima, Hajdovský, Křečan, Marek, Drvota etc.). During the totalitarian era Extempore prepared and played ten full-length programmes

One of the most famous ones, Milá čtyř viselců (A Beloved Girl of Four Hanging Men), an insane rock opera the plot of which draws on a story from Thirty Year’s War, was also performed at the Fifth Prague Jazz Days of Jazz Section in Lucerna in 1978 - by Extempore together with the pantomime group Paskvil. CD (including the libretto in the form of a comic strip – written and created by J.J. Neduha), MC.

Another significant work of Extempore was Zabijačka, (Pig-Slaughtering) /1979/, a dense playing about a Czech pig-slaughtering without a single good character. Extempore was that time lead by M. Chadima (after Neduha‘s forced emigration). The album includes first punk fast songs of Wire, Magazine, Stranglers, Dr. Feelgood etc. sung in Czech as bonuses. CD, MC, Czech lyrics.

Velkoměsto (Big City) /1980 – 82/ was the climax of the Extempore‘s programmes, nevertheless, at the same time it was the last programme. The double CD includes all compositions presented in this uncommonly sharp and raw programme, which as early as that time foreseen the dark style of MCH Band, that followed Extempore several years after. Velkoměsto includes a unique attachment – the Black Book of Extempore. On cca 160 pages you can read here a well-arranged history of the band, an interview with M. Chadima of the period, plenty of photos, survey of all the line-ups ot Extempore, lyrics of all the ten programmes and collages of the period. All both in Czech and English.

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