MCH BAND - Karneval - MC

Kód: BP 0084-4
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Studiové album Mch Bandu z roku 1999. Mikoláš Chadima k němu napsal nejen hudbu, ale také drtivou většinu textů reagujících na okolní realitu a pojmenoval jej Karneval. BPROZTOČ.

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MCH BAND postavil Mikoláš Chadima v r. 1981 a volně jím navázal na tvorbu Extempore. Chadimův band je však daleko chmurnější, oproštěn Neduhovského humoru, a to jak v textech, tak v hudbě. Pro album Karneval si většinu textů se silným sociálně-politickým ostřím napsal Chadima sám.Výborný obal je dílem KArla Halouna.

english MCH Band (Mikolas Chadima Band) -  After the dissolution of Extempore and two years without public performances Mikoláš Chadima presented his new band, this time called simply MCH Band. This new band were quickly regarded as leaders of the Czech alternative scene by listeners and it was no wonder. Chadima‘s compositions were far ahead of the rest of the scene in Bohemia and their interpretation by mature musicians was unrivalled. MCH Band implemented five repertoires in 80 years, each of whom brought a completely new music, new style band! They were Krokodlak, We are healthy and doing well for us, We feel fOurwell, Gorleben, Es Reut Mich f ... Their entire issue (including different versions) Black Point implemented in 2007 through 6CD box MCH Band - 1982-1989.

 MCH Band continued playing after the November 1989 and in 1993 they recorded a collection of songs called Gib Acht! (Monitor, sold out), which features all the typical traces of the band of that time: gloomy and dark musical methods and sound, lyrics sung mainly in German, the gloomy view of life. CD, MC, lyrics both Czech and German.

The next album was released as late as six years later and was called Karneval (Carnival  - sold out now). Though recorded by a changed line-up it is dark again – not only the music, but the lyrics as well. The lyrics are in Czech this time, and they are strongly political and social. From the compositional point of view this album is more interesting than the previous one, moreover it has a great sound. CD, MC, lyrics both in Czech and English.

In 2003, MCH Band celebrated 20 years of its existence with a gala concert, which featured a number of former members of the group and befriending musicians as guests. On the agenda was the creation of a cross-section of the different periods of the group. Successful recording of this concert gave Black Point 2CD Live.

Last MCH Band´s  album Nech světlo dohořet, Kateřino (Let the lights burn out, Katherine) was recorded in 2007 year. It is a new way for Mikolas Chadima and his band. Lyrics are uncompromising, Chadima reflects not only what is happening on the political scene, but returned even to think about life itself.

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