BLOW - Rolls Royce In The Dance Club - CD

Kód: BP 0116-2
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Kapela BLOW je vůdčím seskupením „druhé vlny tanečních kapel“ v ČR (vedle např. Canopy, Skyline atd.), která se tvrdě dere na svět ze stínu slavnější trojky – Liquid Harmony, Ohm Square a Ectasy of St. Theresa. Od svých předchůdců se liší svou koncertní filozofií, spočívající v častých veřejných vystoupeních i hudebním zaměřením. Hudba BLOW vytváří mozaiku propracovaných aranží inspirovaných popem, technem, jazzem, apod. zarámovaných ve stylu zvaném drum’n’bass. Charakteristické jsou vokální party exotické zpěvačky Candra Dewi Marsito Merto indonézkého původu. Album obsahuje 11  písní a 1 bonus, ve kterém hostuje kytarista Zdenda Bína ( –123 minut).

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BLOW - Rolls Royce in the Dance Club

Blow are contemporary electronic-dance band, who have got rich experience in their field and fertile creative background. In the existing line-up they have been active on the dance scene since 1996. But the first demo-CD-album ”Into Blow” was played by Prague Radio 1 as early as in 1994. The following three projects (Virus, Makak Rhesus, Dummkopf) were released during the following years by the band themselves. Again all the CD’s were played on the Radio 1 very often. And Blow also performed live on the waves of this radio as the first band playing live in the studio of R1.

The base of the expression of the project are concerts, in which they sound very powerful. In their music there dominate heavy tracks, combined live and sampled drums with guitars, bassguitar and other samples, which form a dense wall, through which a gentle vocal of the female singer Candra Dewi Marsito intertwines. Blow differ from similar Czech bands especially by the energy of the musicians and precise playing synchronic with computers. Owing to this Blow were asked to perform at the first Jelení příkop festival in 1998 on the same stage with The Orb, Transglobal Underground, 808 State or Zion Train. They played also at the second Jelení příkop festival with other well-known bands and meanwhile they toured Czech republic several times. They participated in the CD compilation of remixes of the band Manželé with their version of the song ”UFO” and their song Desire appeared on the CD sampler for Levi’s Strauss (Sony Music / Bonton). At the prestigious Prague club Akropolis they played together with famous One Shot and Swiss Swandive in one of rare Euro Connections concerts. They play under the D Smack U Promotion agency, which is settled at Roxy club, so they become ripe right in the promotion centre of dance music in Prague. In the spring 2001 Blow recorded their first ”official” album “Rolls Royce in the Dance Club” for Black Point. The label reacted this way to their wild concert in Roxy club as well as Rolling Stone magazine, which earlier published a long interview with the band including a full-page full-colour photo. Reviews and critics in music press are unambiguously positive, so Blow are heading to the world as a big promise of dance music.

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